All right, Mr. DeMille…

14241_wallpaperw0Happy New Year!  What have I been up to lately, you ask?  A lot… but as far as Diamond-Eyed Jack is concerned, let’s just say it has gotten QUITE the workout.  Its maiden voyage was to one of the great Williamsburg, Brooklyn recording studios, where it saw near-exclusive use on an (as of now) unofficial but exciting project.  It has also, not surprisingly, hogged all the stage time at a handful of shows, much to the delight of the locals.

There is, of course,  more significant news.  Today is Dad’s birthday – and so, another serendipitous date for this guitar presents itself.  Of all days, Alembic has chosen today to bestow upon Diamond-Eyed Jack the seriously rare honor of elevation to ‘Featured Custom’.  As you might have guessed, Alembic completes only a small number of guitars each year.  Out of those, a tiny fraction are selected to be a Featured Custom.  The Creators use this accolade to showcase best-of-the-best examples of their work.  Instruments with unique, one-of-a-kind build characteristics, ones of supreme beauty, or that have amazing stories attached to them are often favored here.  In the case of good ‘ol Diamond-Eyed Jack, all of the above apply.

As the Featured Custom, DEJ greets all visitors to  When its reign is over, Diamond-Eyed Jack will take its rightful place in the Custom Archive, among some of the most breathtaking and inspiring electric stringed instruments ever built.

By every conceivable metric, this is a truly stunning guitar.  I am so glad that Alembic feels the same, and am very proud to present it to you HERE.

So, Happy Birthday, Dad – this one’s for you.