Inspiration, move me brightly.

Late last night, East Coast inspiration met West Coast artistry on a brightly lit drafting table in Santa Rosa, CA.  Then and there, lead finally hit paper for what will be this guitar’s visual centerpiece.  In the end, there will be many elements to this medallion – but the main focal point is what’s shown here.  Let’s call him “Jack.”

It may look odd right now, but over the next few weeks, you will be introduced to other elements of the inlay that will complete the story.  This is the beginning of the final creative chapter of the build.  It started with me painting a very descriptive mental picture for Susan, clearly detailing my intent.  Through countless phone conversations, I’d regale her with stories and memories – an attempt to introduce her to someone she’d never meet.  Now that she is sufficiently familiar with the subject matter, she’s begun sketching out my vision.  Along the way, there will, no doubt, be modifications and changes, but I feel content knowing that I’m in such talented, thoughtful hands.

From the start, it was essential that my build record include pictures of not just the instrument itself, but also of the skilled people whose hands are its physical creators.  Pictured here is Susan, Alembic’s matriarch and artistic visionary.  Her fully articulating (and anatomically accurate!) skeleton is helping her ossify my inspiration.

Please stay tuned and watch this vision unfold.