Case open.

When you’re building a one-of-a-kind instrument, you’re pretty much obligated to respect it with the best case you can to protect it. Enter Calton Cases – maker of exquisite, custom-designed instrument cases. This case has been made specifically to fit my guitar, with detailed measurements to ensure a snug and secure fit.  It is structured from sheets of carbon fiber with a fiberglass exterior, which keeps the weight down while providing near indestructible protection. A carbon fiber/fiberglass composite case is about 25% lighter than its 100% fiberglass counterpart, yet has the same or better strength properties. The seams along the lid are water proofed (not that I’m planning on leaving this out in the rain, but it would survive sitting on a tarmac in foul weather). You can see upper and lower headstock ramps, which, along with the tall neck collar, immobilize that part of the instrument. What you can’t see is the personalized ID tag with my name and phone number.

I had many color choices, and actually changed my mind a few times after I placed the order. In a sudden flash of clarity, I moved forward on a burgundy exterior with a plush beige interior. I think it suits the instrument nicely.

I had Calton ship this case directly to Alembic (from Canada), so that when the guitar does finally make its cross-crountry trek, it will arrive in high style, as it should.