A little closer.

But we’re not quite there yet.  This is the latest control layout, and it is almost right on.  I’ve asked Alembic to lower the 5-way pickup selector more toward the bottom of the electronics cavity, and slightly curve the switch layout, so it follows the contour of the guitar.  The only other thing I’ve asked them to do is to move the MIDI scroll buttons down so they align with the bottom of its volume knob, and about 3/8” to its left.

I’ve already been told that all of these requests are doable, so I’m just awaiting a final drawing.  The next drawing to come will be a more accurate representation.  Alembic won’t actually drill the holes until they send me pictures of the control layout on the actual piece of wood, as cut, and I approve it.  They’ve already started cutting the top and back laminates, so I should have assembly pictures soon.

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