The inductor is connected to the… single-pole triple-throw switch. The single pole…

…tripple-throw switch is connected to the… amplifier.  The amplifier is connected to the… buffer.  The buffer is connected to the capacitor.  The capacitor…  and THAT’S how the whole thing works!  Almost.  We have completed the circuitry design for the guitar, and you can see the very cool, hand-drawn schematic by Ron Wickersham himself!  In the world of guitar circuitry design, it’s kind of like having Beethoven write music just for you.  Really.  I have asked for some very slight modifications to the circuitry, but nothing major.  The important part is, Alembic has proven they can get the necessary electronics to fit in the cavity of the guitar.  That means that now they can start cutting and assembling!

Also delivered was a very preliminary layout of the controls.  Although the layout will be changing, everything must start somewhere.  I’ve given my suggestions to Mica, who will respond with an alternate layout.

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