The surgery went well.

As promised, here is a picture of the guitar, post-drilling. There’s not much to say, other than it is precisely what I asked for. I’m just glad there were no slip-ups! The two tapered holes will secure the 5-way pickup selector, which I am having mounted to the inside of the electronics cavity. This will eliminate the decorative brass plate that traditionally covers the area, exposing the wood that would have otherwise been hidden. Also note that the MIDI side jack and pickup wiring hole have not been routed yet. These locations have been determined already (and in the case of the pickup wiring hole, there is no choice), and will be drilled sometime in the near future.

Some more good news – Alembic is set to begin cutting the medallion inlay before the end of the month! Because of this ambitious (optimistic?) scheduling, I should be receiving some more revisions of both the medallion and the fingerboard inlays shortly. There is a bit of unfinished business concerning some design details, but we had to hold off until the control locations were drilled so the inlay artist could see exactly how much room he has for the medallion. As of now, the medallion will be approximately 4” long x 2.5” wide.

All of this is happening just I as get word from Calton Cases that the custom made case should be leaving Canada this Thursday, Alembic-bound!

Mica tells me that everyone at Alembic is very, very excited that we’re finally getting to the inlay cutting.

It’s all falling into place, slowly but surely.

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