They’re all beautiful…

…but which one is going to the ball?  I don’t know yet.  ‘D’ is my current favorite, mostly because of the striking grain at the bout and the bubbly patterns near the horn.  Originally, I was leaning toward ‘A’, because it would yield the darkest end result.  But in the end, I think ‘D’ has the most interesting character of the bunch.  The templates are oversized by about 1/4”, so in the end, I might shift their positions slightly before a final decision is made.

Mica (pronounced MY-kuh) has urged me not to choose just yet – there were some new arrivals over the Memorial Day weekend, and she has selected two more slabs of Coco Bolo and put them aside.  She wants this project to get first crack at them, because she thinks I’ll REALLY like this batch.  I won’t have pictures until next week, so this will likely be the last entry until then.

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