The back story.

If you’ve been invited to view this blog, you are either a family member or a good friend of mine.  You might also be a musician.  Perhaps you were also close to my father, or at least knew him somewhat.  If so, you might be particularly interested to know that this project is for him.

Most of you know that Jack passed away in September, 2003.  If you didn’t, I’m sorry you’re finding out through a blog – but such are the times we live in!  The impact he made on those that knew him were substantial and long-lasting.

As for me, let’s just say Dad had an incredibly strong and obvious influence on how much of my character developed.

What might surprise some of you, though, would be that I hold him as my strongest musical influence.  No, he couldn’t play an instrument, and was utterly incapable of holding a tune – even if you’re using the broadest possible definition of “holding”.  But one thing he did with absolute consistency was expose his young son to some of the most varied and significant music there was.  His ability to take music and place it in historical context always fascinated, entertained, and enlightened me.  It was kind of like being in a full-time music history class.  My musical sensibilities were shaped at a very early age, and I have Dad to thank for it.  He loved music, and instilled that love and appreciation in me as soon as those giant quadrophonic headphones fit on my infant head.

Since Dad was such an influence on this part of my life, it seemed perfectly natural to design a guitar in his honor.  Far from just another instrument to add to the collection, this guitar will undoubtedly inspire the recollection of memories and stories of years past.

My hope is that, by building this instrument, I will have much more than a guitar – we will have a family heirloom that can be passed down, along with Jack’s story, to all the Eichingers that never got to meet him – but not before I get some serious playing time on it!

One thought on “The back story.

  1. CJ,

    Linda (my mom), sent me the blog. I am certainly a product of your dad’s influence and amazing understanding and love of music. Whenever I hear the Moody Blues, I think of him, really, I do. He also introduced me to a band, I think it was something with Electric in the name, I don’t have the tapes anymore, but I loved that band so much. They helped me through many of my studies during college, mind you, while I was writing papers on my word processer. How funny is that.

    I can’t wait to hear more. This is an inspiring tribute.

    Melissa Moskowitz (Gellman)

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